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Invisible Forces | furtherfield | 16th June - 11th August

We are proud to be sponsoring two pieces by artist Dave Miller for this show at Furtherfield, here in Finsbury Park.

“Our social, economic and cultural institutions are being dismantled. Control over the provision of social care, urban and rural development, and education is being ceded to the market, facilitated by unseen technological and bureaucratic systems.

Undeterred, the artists in this exhibition meet the challenges that ensue with clear eyes, spontaneity, experimentation and a sense of adventure. This selection of installations, digital video, net art, painting and drawings deal with conspiracy, money, politics and hidden signals.

As we scan our cultures for maps, role-models and alternative ways of living, we often find images of our society that are shaped by hidden, controlling forces. By naming, revealing, tracking, playing, making, subverting and transforming the tools, circumstances and figures that give rise to current crises, we enlarge the debate and extend our freedoms.”

Dave Miller is a South London based artist and currently a Research Fellow in Augmented Reality at the University of Bedfordshire. Through his art practice Dave draws out the invisible forces that make life difficult. His work is about caring and being angry, as an artist. His art enables him to express feelings about the world, to attempt to explain things in a meaningful, yet subjective way, and make complexed information accessible. Recurrent themes in his work are: human stories, injustices, contentious issues and campaigning. Recently he's been very bothered by the financial crisis.

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